Comprehensive Services

Our key principle is a comprehensive approach to solving the issues set out by the client. The advantages of this approach are evident. They are consolidated management, consolidated responsibility, consolidated support, money and time saving plus extra services free of charge.


Competent management is a recipe for success. Our managers develop a reliable basis for decision making regarding costs, timing and quality.


Our staff is a team of professionals. A special culture of cooperation combined with competent management is aimed at the team spirit development and improvement of the rendered services quality.


Our employees unexceptionally use modern specialised equipment and professional accessories only when rendering services.


Service Rendering Experience

Our clients and partners...


    Retail and wholesale trade of food and consumer goods


    Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • MUSE

    Furniture shop

  • German-Russian Forum

    German-Russian Forum

  • AHK

    Russian-German Chamber of Commerce


    Coordination Council for Interaction with Private Security Organisations and Private Detectives under the Chief Administration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • Alliance

    Alliance Buisness Development

  • X5 Retail Group

    X5 Retail Group

  • Sberbank of Russia

    Sberbank of Russia

  • BILLA Supermarket Chain


  • Trust National Bank


Our Company

Maks Group will improve efficiency of your company in just three steps!


MAKS Group offers you the services aimed to ensure the comprehensive security of your facility.

The core business of MAKS Group is development and implementation of an individual strategy and a comprehensive program for security assurance in the interests of the customer.


The services rendered by MAKS Group are notable by their comprehensive nature and individual approach to every customer which enables considerable cost reduction.


MAKS Group is trusted by major retail companies, shopping centers and banks, including REAL, BILLA, OBI, RTM Development, Sovkombank, Moskomsport, McDonalds and others.



MAKS Group means

  • over 18 years of successful work
  • over 35 specialised companies
  • over 40 regions of presence
  • over 300 facilities of maintenance and cleaning
  • over 500 secured facilities

Expert Evaluation of Problem Business Units

After you applied to MAKS Group, our experts will carry out an expert analysis of all the problem business units at your company.

The analysis is an independent expert evaluation of the situation in the company that shows the real state of affairs in different fields of the company’s business.

The purpose of the expert analysis is preliminary testing of the research object.

Expert analysis methods are used to collect the information material required for delivering the expert evaluation.

Areas of the company business analysis:

  • Analysis of the company’s financial state
  • Analysis of the company’s competitive position in the market
  • Analysis of the production process management
  • Analysis of the HR potential
  • Analysis of the investment strategy and the investment process organisation policy

As a result of the analysis, the business owner is provided with an expert opinion on the company’s business and a proposal on improvement the business efficiency.


Individual Action Plan Development

An individual action plan is developed based on our analysis and your wishes enabling gradual solution of the problems discovered in the company’s operation. Preventive actions, as you know, are the best way to overcome problems and eliminate their causes.

The strategy development process for a major company differs from the one for a minor company. The choice must be based on the combination of the necessities and sufficiency in order to achieve an efficient strategy in both cases.

The choice and development of the company’s strategy, as well as its further implementation are the basics of the strategic management of the company. Ways of achievement are determined after the strategic targets of the company or organisation have been defined, i. e. the company development strategy is worked out.

Steps for working out the company development strategy:

1.Identification of non-conformities between plans and results;

2.Definition of the company’s business areas based on the extent of the market attractiveness;

3.Market positioning of the goods / services of the company;

4.Consolidation of the possible business areas, identification of the resource availability in the company for implementation of various strategies and activities in the business areas;

5.Development of strategic programs including program implementation assessment systems, i. e. full development of the company’s strategy.

6.Monitoring of implementation of the strategic programs and determination of efficiency of the implemented strategies from the point of view of the key business owners.


Action Program Implementation

We promptly implement the developed action plan. That is an opportunity for you to totally focus on the core business of your company putting away any worries about some elements of your business and fully commit yourself to the strategic development of your company under comfortable conditions.

Ways to improve efficiency of the company are a set of measures and actions aimed at efficiency
improvement of the production and economic operations of the company. The main ways to improve the production operations efficiency are reduction of the labour consumption indicator and increase of the performance indicator, as well as the reasonable and cost-effective use of resources and raw materials, reduction of the capital / output ratio indicator and improvement of the investment activities of the company.

Besides, measures need to be taken to optimally distribute and use the basic resources and funds of the organisation. It is very important to maximally use the production potential of the company, monitor the production dynamics and maximal utilisation of the production equipment. Development of the social infrastructure and management methods is also necessary. Management methods and forms, methods of planning, motivation and appreciation must be improved.

Any idea reflected in the plan as a prospect for the company’s development must be financially feasible which implies calculation of the economic effect, its commensuration with costs and resources.



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