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  • MAKS MAINTENANCE Division has been operating in the market for over a decade. Our mission is to ensure maximum efficiency and failure-free functioning of the maintained real estate facilities. The time of the facility commissioning and the equipment complexity level make no difference for us.

    The comprehensive service offered by MAKS MAINTENANCE includes technical support of equipment and utility systems, as well as security offers. The list includes technical maintenance and other planned and unscheduled work; engineering and installation of a fire alarm system and video surveillance systems, as well as a range of repairs and construction services. The comprehensive approach to maintenance of buildings is beneficial for both parties. Clients of MAKS MAINTENANCE get a full service package from one and the same contractor which helps to considerably reduce the costs and simplify the interaction between the organisations.

    The experts of our division are always ready to offer a few options for a facility depending on its specifics and wishes of the client. The individual approach allows the customer to count on full mutual understanding with the contractor and the subsequent maximal quality results. Besides, the available capabilities of MAKS MAINTENANCE Division enable our customers to get a number of extra services free of charge.

    In the nowadays’ world, the equipment of modern buildings is becoming more and more varied and complex. The key mission of our division is to render comprehensive services of building maintenance. In is important for us to ensure that our services are cost-effective for our clients which can be achieved only with modern technological solutions and people who know the ways to use them. That is why MAKS MAINTENANCE pays special attention to training of our employees. The Management and line employees regularly undergo special qualification improvement trainings and review all the innovations in the field of building maintenance. All our employees are clued up about the state-of- the-art scientific and technical achievements and use them in accordance with the recommendations and standards of the manufacturers. That is the only way for us to ensure support of the proper functionality and security for a facility of any complexity.

Comprehensive Maintenance of Buildings

Technical maintenance of the building systems includes control and maintenance of the utility systems in the operational condition.

Compliance with the timing and the quality of the building maintenance directly influence not only the overall facility costs but also the life cycle both of the building itself and its utility systems in the long term.

We offer our clients the following options of the facility technical maintenance depending on the facility specifics:

  • weekly technical maintenance,
  • planned and scheduled maintenance,
  • current repairs upon equipment failures.

The above types of work include:

  • regular dispatch control over compliance with the performance parameters of the system;
  • контрольно-измерительные мероприятия, связанные с технической эксплуатацией здания;
  • measurement campaigns related to technical maintenance of the building;
  • analysis of the results, reporting on performance of all the systems;
  • adjustment of the hydraulic automatic equipment of the system;
  • annual washing of the heating system;
  • replacement of gaskets, seals, elimination of leakages.

The following systems are maintained in the process of engineering work:

  • heating system;
  • water supply and sewerage system;
  • electricity supply system;
  • ventilation and air conditioning system;
  • fire safety system;
  • comprehensive security system.

Building Security Systems

We develop individual building security systems meeting the most advanced requirements including engineering, installation and technical maintenance of the following systems:

  • fire alarm system and automatic equipment;
  • smoke removal and protection;
  • burglar alarm system;
  • cash control and anti-theft devices;
  • video surveillance;
  • access control and management.

All the types of maintenance are performed by the highly qualified employees who have a considerable experience of work with such systems.

Protection of an office, production building, entertainment or trade facility includes not only prevention of an unauthorised entry of third persons to the territory but also timely awareness of a fire threat and other extraordinary situations. Integrated security systems provide for the full cycle of protection — from prevention of undesirable events to the maximally prompt elimination of the consequences of the extraordinary situation that has occurred.

The video surveillance is a separate type of security systems aimed at security and monitoring of a facility, capable of ensuring the continuous control over a territory for the purposes of responding to unexpected situations.

General Construction

The general construction includes a range of multi-type works of preparation and construction of a facility. The general construction has gained high importance because the comprehensive approach to solving the majority of installation issues costs much cheaper for a customer than searching for separate contractors for different work, plus the general construction work is done quicker. The general construction is wide range of processes aimed at construction of a completely finished building or facility.

The most widespread types of general construction works are:

  • preparation;
  • earthwork;
  • concrete and reinforced concrete construction;
  • installation;
  • roof work;
  • finishing;
  • insulating work;
  • land improvement.

Each type of work is divided into smaller stages. For example, the insulating work includes facade winterisation, water proofing of basements and roofs, acoustic insulation of premises, heat insulation of various building parts. The land improvement is not just construction and waste removal but also flower bed and lawn making, terrace paving, installation of fences, etc.

All the above work types are performed by the high-level experts using modern technologies and equipment.

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