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  • Security assurance is a key mission of any business organisation because the threats that occur in the course of business may depend on multiple factors such as competitors’ intrigues, legislative risks and even wrong actions of the company’s employees. It is hard to deny that such factors together are capable of incurring a material damage or even destroying a successful business in some cases.

    Naturally, any businessman strives to mitigate the risks but often does not know the ways to do it. For example, one can secure oneself and establish the respective structure in the company to assess such risks. However, it is quite often not feasible from the financial point of view, and it is much more efficient to hire the professionals. In this case, it is important to thoroughly choose the partners because any security means work with the most important and confidential information.

    MAKS CONSULTING has been rendering consulting and audit services in the field of security for over a decade. The key mission of our division is the fundamental analysis of the situation, study of the development prospects and individual features of the business taking into account the problems of the company.

    The employees of MAKS CONSULTING carry out a preliminary analysis of the existing security systems. Naturally, such work is performed in close cooperation with the customer’s employees who introduce them to the state of affairs and help them to take into account all the specifics.

    Audit of the company’s business is performed by the highly qualified experts who cannot only discover critical problems in the currently used system but also suggest the ways to eliminate them. All the consultants have a service record in the force structures and have a considerable work experience in Russia and abroad.

    Besides, the experts of MAKS CONSULTING render support for liquidation of crisis situations, improve the efficiency of business processes and perform competent management of IT systems and IT risks of the company.

    The consultants of our division undertake the mission of developing mutually beneficial relations to continue cooperation with the customer on the long-term basis. That is exactly the reason why we provide not only the security consulting services but also a range of other services. For example, MAKS CONSULTING offers the clients audit services, legal services in the field of criminal, labour, tax and other laws. We measure the price of our employees’ services based on the only one criterion – their performance. That is why all the employees of MAKS CONSULTING are always aimed at achieving the maximal result. Thanks to that, our clients may be sure that cooperation with MAKS CONSULTING is cost-effective and efficient.

Security Consulting

Consulting is in the first place a service. That is a service in the field of intellectual project-oriented activities related to support of business processes that provides for an independent expert evaluation of one or another business process.

Thus, consulting is first of all a business process analysis resulting in an expert evaluation.

MAKS Group renders the entire range of security services. The most efficient tool of the company management quality improvement is monitoring of the existing security system that includes continuous surveillance of the facility through independent audit of the security level of the internal and external environment of the company’s business. The security and risk audit is performed by the highly qualified experts in the specific field. We are capable of solving your problems with the minimum costs.

We offer:

  • development of an efficient comprehensive security system
  • identification of weaknesses in the existing protection system, finding the ways to eliminate them
  • independent expert evaluation and compilation of the report with real assessments of the protection system
  • development of an incremental action plan
  • consulting services
  • identification of the possible risks and threats
  • support of crisis situation liquidation
  • improvement of business process efficiency
  • competent management of IT systems and IT risks

Consulting for Asian and African Operations

Peacemaker International Security Centre was established in 2010 with support of MAKS Group within the framework of the programs of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation for the purposes of development of a unified security system for Russian business structures that have operations in the states of Asia and Africa, as well as for the purposes of protection of legal foreign investments in Russia.

Qualified experts with a service record in the force structures, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the intelligence and counterintelligence who have considerable work experience both in Russia and abroad and the required contact and information base in many countries are involved in the activities of Peacemaker International Security Centre.

Special attention is paid to the legal support of the activities of Peacemaker International Security Centre both from the point of view of the international law and the Russian law, as well as the law of the states considered as the potential receiving party.

We specialise in prevention and avoidance of various risks and threats related the activities of the company in global markets and in the countries of high business running risk. Our experts render consulting, property and people security, technology and information security services to our clients.

Legal Services

MAKS Group renders legal services in the field of civil, corporate, criminal, labour and tax laws.

The legal services designed for legal entities will enable solution of various pressing issues avoiding any worries about money safety and even providing for considerable earnings. You will also be able to avoid certain difficulties. All the companies irrespective of their business type, type of ownership, size and other specifics may use our legal services.

The legal service includes the following types of support:

  • verbal and written consulting with legal analysis and opinion
  • legal expert evaluation and contract drafting
  • claim administration (preparation of documents for arbitration)
  • settlement of disputes, pre-trial dispute settlement (moderation)
  • support of transactions
  • preparation of documents for obtaining licenses and conclusions of inspection organisations
  • consulting and providing recommendations regarding protection against wrongful acts

Insurance Services

Insurance of the liability of private security agencies (PSA) and detective agencies to their clients is now widely used all over the world, including Russia.

The insurance object under a PSA public liability insurance agreement is the property interests related to the risk of liability pursuant to the obligations resulting from infliction of damage to the life, health or property of individuals, the property of legal entities, municipal establishments, constituent entities of the Russian Federation or the Russian Federation in the process of professional activities of the PSA.

The PSA liability insurance is performed based on the Rules for PSA Public Liability Insurance, as well as a number of legislative instruments (the Russian Federation Civil Code, Federal Law No. 2487-1 on Private Detective and Security Activities in the Russian Federation, dated March 11, 1992, other legal and subordinate deeds governing the activities of PSA) that set out the liability of PSA to their clients or third persons for the property damage inflicted by action or inaction of their employees in the process of security service rendering.

MAKS Group offers the services of insurance of the professional liability of security and detective organisations by a specialised insurance company:

  • support of insurance of the counterparties’ commercial risks at discounted rates;
  • support of insurance event checks.

Audit Services

A company audit is an independent inspection of the accounting process and financial (accounting) statements of organisations and private entrepreneurs (audited parties).

The purpose of the company’s audit is issuing the audit findings on reliability of the financial (accounting) statements of the audited parties and on compliance of the accounting procedure with the laws of the Russian Federation.

The work style of our experts is competence, honesty, independence and objectivity. The work result is an audit report that is actually an analytical part of the audit findings, and the audit findings themselves. The auditor’s report is a confidential document designed for the client’s executive board specifying the violations discovered as a result of the audit, regulatory documents that the violation conclusions are based on, the penalty amounts in case of the violation detection by the tax authorities, recommendations for improvement of the accounting and document control system, the analysis of the company’s activities. Economic agreements of the company are a compulsory subject of the audit both from the point of view of accounting and taxation. Consulting during the audit is included in the price and is not paid for by the client extra.

The auditing firm carries out:

  • express analysis of accounting statements
  • analysis of the financial and business operations
  • assessment of commercial risks of transactions
  • work with banks to raise loans

Company Registration

Any business in the legal field starts with the state registration. Any person who decided to legally register their business, i. e. to execute registration of their company, inevitably faces multiple issues. We offer you our help in solving them.

The client’s wish is to get a high-quality and timely service for the money they pay. When you engage us you may be absolutely sure that we will really register a company in Moscow on “turn-key” basis by the agreed deadline.

The “turn-key” registration of a limited liability company (LLC) means:

  • presentation of the standard documentation from the tax authorities (Taxpayer Identification Number (INN), Primary State Registration Number (OGRN))
  • presentation of the complete documentation (including the legal address) required for operations of a LLC
  • statistics codes
  • notification of registration within the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation
  • submission of the average staffing headcount information memo to the tax authorities
  • preparation of the documents for settlement account opening
  • notification of the settlement account opening to the Tax Inspectorate, the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund

MAKS Group renders the entire range of accounting services. Our experts ensure high-quality and timely accounting, correct reporting, control over the tax-related issues, etc.

 Accounting Keeping and Restoration

According to the Federal Law on Accounting, all the companies and individual entrepreneurs must ensure a continuous proper accounting. The company’s manager may perform the accounting themselves, or employ accountants, or sign an agreement with a consulting agency rendering accounting services.

MAKS Group offers a wide range of accounting services for companies of various sectors, as well as renders the services of reconstruction of financial accounts.

As part of the accounting services, we offer the following:

  • allocation of a personal accountant
  • free tax planning consulting
  • full accounting based on 1C
  • stock bookkeeping and inventory control

We use the principle of subscription services, i. e. the agreement price is a constant value subject to change by agreement of the parties as a result of the increase or reduction of the scope of work by more than 5 % versus the previously agreed operations.

The accounting restoration services imply:

  • analysis and processing of the source documents, restoration of the missing information
  • preparation and reconstruction of balance sheets for the specified period
  • preparation and submission of statements to the funds, the tax inspectorate and support of operations of the accounting department
  • The time of the reconstruction of financial accounts depends on the condition of the company’s accounting, the period, the completeness of the source documents and the scale of the client’s business. The price of the reconstruction of financial accounts is subject to agreement and amounts to approximately 70 % of the monthly service amount (for every month of the reconstruction period).

    Employee Leasing

    The employee leasing is a management technology, a kind of outsourcing, providing the required human resources for a business process of the company using the services of an outside organisation. The employee leasing formula is as simple as that – “an employee for a specific need”. It is worth mentioning that the employee leasing is quite a demanded service in the labour market abroad. Today, the employee leasing is popular in Russia too.

    Advantages of the employee leasing:

  • the company avoids the long and expensive recruiting procedure;
  • administrative and time expenditures of the HR record management, accounting and reporting are reduced;
  • when the employer “leases” an employee from an agency it is free from any social obligations to the employee in case of dismissal;
  • all the possible discontents (including those under court proceedings) are settled by the agency and not by the customer company;
  • the employer can monitor the employee for a longer period than it is stipulated by the labour laws and then hire them without any worries in relation to the result of the employee’s adaptation to the team;
  • there are no losses or downtimes in case of a regular employee’s sick leave.
  • The employee also has a lot of advantages: possible extra income, gaining work experience in different companies, flexible work schedule, confidence in the compensation.

    We provide the following junior service staff:

  • cleaner — an employee cleaning premises;
  • general worker — an employee performing various casual work types that do not require any special training;
  • street sweeper — an employee cleaning the adjoining territory;
  • handler — an employee performing a range of loading, unloading, cargo handling work;
  • as well as a manager, cook, driver, stock keeper, waiter, barman, pot washer, merchandiser.

    We render the employee leasing services in the shortest possible time based on the requirements of the customer company.


    The need for continuous education is confirmed by the following factors:

  • introduction of new equipment and technologies, production of modern goods, growth of communication opportunities create the conditions for liquidation or change of some types of work; consequently, the required qualification cannot be provided with the basic education;
  • the world is becoming an unlimited market with a high level of competition between the countries. The countries that have a modern system of engineering labour and continuous educatio programs are leading under the conditions of such competition. They can promptly respond to any challenge through increase of the engineering performance;
  • changes in all the spheres of life is the key element of the modern world. Continuous and quick changes in the technologies and informatics require the continuous education of employees;
  • improvement of the current employees’ performance through their continuous education is a more efficient and cost-effective way for a company than hiring new employees.
  • Training of employees is a targeted, organised, gradual and systematic process of acquiring knowledge, skills and ways of communication under the guidance of experienced teachers, coaches, experts and managers. Under favourable circumstances, education of employees bears a double function – the best use of the employee’s labour and improvement of their motivation. Training is carried out both at work stations and at the training centre that is the base for employees’ classes and trainings involving the leading teachers of the Moscow establishments.

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