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  • However valuable your cargo may be, you may be sure that MAKS Group will guarantee its security all the way long. We will provide vehicles and human resources, loading and unloading, transportation of goods, forwarding of valuable cargo and cash delivery all over the Russian Federation. Our employees are equipped with all the required protection means and armed while the operational dispatch office tracks the location and keeps in contacts with the mobile team round the clock.

Forwarding Services

The forwarding services are a wide range of functions including logistics, optimal routing and support of cargo transportation. The contractor provides the customer with the information about transportation and state of the goods. Upon the client’s request, we can deliver a cargo “door to door” taking care of the documentation, customs duties, etc.

Forwarding companies render the following services:

1) consulting of consignors on the transport type and cargo transportation route selection;

2) execution of the cargo acceptance and delivery documentation for railway, river, sea, air and road transportation;

3) notification of consignors of cargo delivery;

4) cargo delivery to and from warehouses using various transportation types;

5) cargo storage at the warehouses;

6) execution of various documents related to the cargo transportation rules by various transportation types;

7) execution of payment for transportation of various types;

8) forwarding valuable cargo and other assignments;

9) public forwarding services.

The best logistics formula is the minimal expenses and the maximal efficiency. The main thing in this case is to ensure a good balance and search for optimal ways to accomplish the mission. There are parameters of international cargo transportation that can be sacrificed but there are also such costs that should not be saved.

The transportation logistics does not promise the maximal savings. It must be reasonably cost-effective and professional which is most important. Cargo transportation must be fast and high-quality with a reasonable price and the reasonable balance of costs and efficiency.

Cargo Forwarding and Tangible Assets

Businesses often have to face cargo transportation. The companies that have their own or leased transport perform transportation themselves as a rule. But if there is no such opportunity they engage professional carriers. Traditionally, a transportation agreement is used for these purposes according to the legal basis set out by Chapter 40 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
If a consignor or a consignee needs any extra services alongside with the pure transportation services, for example, cargo forwarding, loading and unloading between different transport types, customs clearance, etc., the customers engage forwarding companies.
Besides, a forwarder may render extra services to the client, e. g. obtaining the documents required for export or import of goods, customs clearance, packaging and marking of the cargo, checking its quantity and state, loading and unloading, paying duties, fees and costs charged on the client, etc. However the agreement must stipulate the extra services to be rendered by the forwarder.

We know all the problems that can occur in the process of cargo forwarding and we are ready to undertake their solution. We guarantee security of the transported valuables and high quality of the service.

Our employees are equipped with bulletproof vests, individual protective gear and armed with fire weapon. The quality, reliability and safety of our transportation are confirmed with many years of perfect work experience.

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