Maks Security

Maks Security

  • The changes in the economic, political and social life, occurrence of new types of ownership, development of entrepreneurship and growth of the private sector of the economy have contributed to the rapid development of the non-state security sector. MAKS SECURITY Division has passed all the market development stages and shows high quality of the rendered services.

    MAKS SECURITY has been developing in parallel with the area of non-state security. Our standard service package includes security of facilities, quick reaction force, alarm system services and private detective services. But we go beyond the “conventional” security. We have IT-infrastructure experts in our division, we provide emergency support to foreign citizens and know all the details of forwarding cargo and valuables.

    Our practice shows that the security is not just uniformed security officers but a broad range of actions aimed at prevention and protection from potential threats. Such actions are included in the comprehensive security system of MAKS SECURITY developed by the experts with many years of experience.

    For a client, the comprehensive security approach means that there is a single contractor
    keeping up interaction with all the security organisations. We release our clients from the necessity to coordinate the work of several unconnected organisations. The single operational
    centre provides for the instant and efficient response to any extraordinary situations.

    MAKS SECURITY continuously improves and develops new security assurance concepts. We integrate advanced foreign technologies into our work and develop our own solutions for specific
    purposes. However, even the most advanced automated security systems cannot totally perform
    human functions. That is why we pay special attention to improvement of the professional level of MAKS SECURITY employees. Our experts regularly undergo qualification improvement trainings
    while their qualification is tested during internal audits. Strict recruiting allows us to mitigate the human factor impact on the services of MAKS SECURITY.

    The Management of MAKS SECURITY is focused on the individual approach to clients. Our experts carry out a multi-level analysis and use its results to offer the most efficient solutions to ensure security of the client. For example, when assuring security of trade facilities MAKS SECURITY employees not only intercept small thefts but also control the entire trade process to ensure security of commodities and materials. The area of MAKS SECURITY activities is not limited to private clients. Our employees possess expertise in the security of state facilities and have a good reputation in this segment.

    The employees of MAKS SECURITY have the experience that is unique for the Russian market and that is highly appreciated by our clients. The approach of our division to rendering the comprehensive security services is unique and guarantees the maximum efficiency in any situation.

Comprehensive Security

The comprehensive security is the most effective line for solving the problems related to protection of life, health, property and business of a person. The term “comprehensive security” shows that it is referred to solution of multiple security issues at a time. That actually results from the basic need of a person to be protected from all the types of threats.

The security systems are a preventive measure which means that they prevent occurrence of undesired or dangerous situations. You must admit that it is always better to prevent such a situation than to solve a dangerous situation that has already occurred – “forewarned is forearmed”. Thus, the security systems minimise or totally eliminate the possibility of the dangerous situation occurrence.

The key principle of MAKS Group activities consists in providing the client with the entire range of services related to their personal security and security of their business through the analysis and assessment of the current situation, as well as further implementation of all the subsequent actions.

Research and Analytical Services

The current business world needs protection from leakage of the key information. According to the statistics, the loss of 15 % of information leads to the bankruptcy of 65 % of companies. That is why information stability is one of the most important indicators of the company’s reliability.

MAKS Group offers research and analytical services meaning collection of the information which characterises in a most full and versatile manner the business reputation of the economic agent in question. The provided information helps to completely eliminate the risk of cooperation with “dummy” fly-by- night companies and fraudsters. The information is collected from different sources as of the date of the check which guarantees reliability and relevance of the provided data.

Besides, the information collection within the company itself for the personal data processing is of great importance for information protection.

The personal data processing means actions (operations) with personal data including collection, systematisation, accumulation, storage, specification (update, change), use, dissemination (including transfer), depersonalisation, blocking, destruction of personal data (Federal Law 152-FZ on Personal Data).

The following threats can occur in the process of personal data processing:

  • loss of personal data;
  • illegal transfer or theft of personal data from the database;
  • illegal use of the personal data by the persons responsible for the information processing (during election campaigns, mail-outs of quotations, etc.).

The company staff must be considered as a potential source of threats for the company’s business. The HR security assurance issues must be dealt with by the HR department employees in close cooperation with the security department under the leadership and control of the company’s manager.

IT Solutions and Infrastructure for the Business

Problems of the majority of companies are often similar: lack of the IT concept, poorly developed or missing infrastructure, lack of experts, crude or inconsistent integrate solutions.

As a result, companies face various problems: production downtimes, non-optimal processes and inefficient use of resources, image losses, etc.

MAKS Group providers the entire range of services of the client’s IT infrastructure planning, integration, management, maintenance and technical support.

Key services rendered by MAKS Group within the framework of IT outsourcing:

  • IT solutions for the business
  • computer maintenance
  • server setting
  • remote administration
  • server monitoring
  • information security

An adequate level of information security of an organisation can be assured using the comprehensive approach implying use both of the technical and organisational protection measures.

The experience of the certified experts of the company and flexible service schemes allow us to render services meeting high quality requirements.

Emergency Support of Foreign Citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation

A new service rendered by MAKS Group is the system of 24-hour support of foreign citizens.

The key mission of the service is the prompt practical support of the citizens of France who have got into a difficult situation in the territory of the Russian Federation. The service is rendered on a 24-hour basis in French.

As part of the service, we offer:

  • online simultaneous translation
  • reference information as required
  • calling the emergency services
  • legal consultations
  • solving problems with your car
  • elimination of threats to the property, life and health

Security of Facilities

Security assurance is a key mission of the business organisation. The threats that companies face depend on multiple factors – the legislative risks, negative impact of competitors, economic situation in the country, negative actions of the company’s employees. Such risks together are capable of destroying even the most stable business. One needs to be capable of protecting oneself in order to be successful.

It is too expensive to maintain own structures that are idle most of the time under the modern conditions. A partner that can adequately neutralise the existing threats and quickly respond to the troubles that have already occurred is simply vital in such cases.

Armed and non-armed security of facilities within the framework of one of MAKS Group business activities always remains in high demand by our customers. Offices and industrial facilities, shopping centers, construction companies, banks, service centres, state associations and establishments, and others are on the list of our serviced facilities.

The security provides for:

  • protection of the client’s employees at their work stations
  • assurance of the normal functioning of the facility and security of tangible assets
  • protection from use of the unauthorised information retrieval means
  • avoidance of undesirable visits

Reliability of the security is ensured by the specially recruited and professionally trained employees. Our security organisations continuously monitor the secured facilities.

Desk Officers’ Service / Alarm System Services

The Service of Desk Officers of MAKS Group works 24/7.

The responsibilities of the Service include:

  • management of the security shifts and management decision-making in case of occurrence of extraordinary (emergency) situations at the facilities
  • management of the security shifts and management decision-making in case of occurrence of extraordinary (emergency) situations at the facilities
  • organisation of interactions with representatives of the state authorities (the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergencies and others) when taking measures under the circumstances of emergency situation occurrence

We offer a range of alarm system services.

The alarm system service is demanded due to a great number of unquestionable advantages: use of technical equipment, quick response to extraordinary situations, high reliability and inexpensive price.
The alarm system security of an office enables us to ensure its continuous 24-hour monitoring. Sensors designed for transmission of alarm signals to the central surveillance desk are installed at the facility.

If the alarm system security of an office where large amounts of money are stored or documents of high importance are kept is needed, a panic button can be also installed near the entry.

As a result, suspicious persons will not be able to enter the facility and commit any wrongful acts there. If a signal is transmitted from the sensors or the panic button the quick reaction force will arrive at the facility.

We offer several types of security systems to be installed:

  • security alarm system;
  • alarm system with a panic button;
  • security alarm system and alarm system with a panic button;
  • fire and fire security alarm system;
  • alarm system for water leakage, glass breakage, gas leakage, vibration (strongboxes).

Quick Reaction Force

The Quick Reaction Force (QRF) is a special mobile unit designed for quick response to extraordinary situations. The QRF consists of the specially trained employees capable of efficient work in an extreme situation, immediate decision-taking, assuring security of people and tangible assets.

The QRF works on a 24-hour basis providing urgent help to the other divisions of MAKS Group.

When an alarm system is transmitted to the central surveillance desk of the private security agency, the dispatcher promptly passes the information to the QRF that arrives at the facility within a few minutes. The team immediately blocks all the exits on the spot and examines the facility. In case signs of any criminal acts are discovered, the QRF detains the lawbreakers and hands them over to the internal affairs authorities – the police.
The QRF crew is on duty 24 hours a day. It is equipped with the service fire weapon, service vehicle, special means of protection and double channel of communication with the dispatch centre. The employees of the QRF are highly physically trained and have the knowledge of psychology which helps them to successfully solve problems in emergency situations.

Missions of the QRF:

  • immediate security strengthening
  • response to alarm events at the secured sites
  • rendering help to the clients in difficult situations (e. g., road traffic accidents)
  • escort of VIP guests, business partners, transportation of valuable documents

Protection of the Life and Health of Individuals

Protection of the life and health of individuals means security assurance for persons (security of important clients or VIP by bodyguards) as well as for the members of their families or for groups of individuals living densely. The protection implies both preventive measures and direct interception of wrongful offenses against the life and health of individuals.

The Individuals’ Life and Health Protection Department consists of the experts with a service record in the Special Forces, employed by MAKS Group for minimum five years and trained by coaches of the International Counter Terror Training Association.

Our experts solve various issues, for instance they assure security of individuals in the office, at home, in public places. Such work requires real professionals possessing the following skills: physical endurance, stress resistance, outsight, analytical thinking, quick response, weapon skills, experience of extreme driving, first aid skills and many other things.

We offer highly qualified experts who possess weapon and special means operation skills, hand-to- hand fight skills, experience of extreme vehicle driving.

Private Detectives

Everyone sometimes faces non-standard situations that require experts’ services for assessment and solution. That refers to various aspects: business, private life and many others. It is sometimes impossible to solve difficult problems that require special knowledge and skills using one's own resources.

MAKS Group offers services of professional private detectives for individuals and legal entities.

Our private detectives will not only prove your hypothesis right or wrong but also provide all the available evidence. Furthermore, we guarantee one hundred per cent confidentiality of the detective services we render in Moscow.

We specialise in solution of the following issues:

  • search for debtors, fraudsters and missing persons
  • search for the lost property, goods and cargo
  • analysis of the competitive environment or a competitor company
  • collection and analysis of information about a business partner
  • elucidation of the commercial secret disclosure circumstances
  • implementation of measures to prevent thefts or steals at the facilities
  • support of criminal cases, cooperation with the investigating authorities in investigation of crimes against property of an owner and many other things

Video Surveillance

Security systems have occupied a stable position in the current world.

The video surveillance is a separate type of security systems aimed at security and monitoring of a facility , capable of ensuring the continuous control over a territory for the purposes of responding to unexpected situations.

The video surveillance provides for quick assessment of the situation in a school, museum, restaurant, cafe or at a parking, in an organisation, house entrances, villa communities. Besides, vehicles can be equipped with video surveillance for the purposes of solving disputes on the road or at a parking.

Video surveillance systems provide the following opportunities:

  • remote monitoring of the situation in any premises;
  • getting the footage to analyse the events that happened;
  • reduction of the number of extraordinary situations and implementation of preventive actions;
  • keeping footage archives for improvement of the employees’ performance.
  • Systems of any level can be developed today which provides for a high level of security assurance.

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