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  • The purchasing process is directly opposite to the sales process. The key mission of the purchasing department of any company is to ensure purchasing of goods at the minimal possible price and compliance with all the established standards and conditions at the same time.

    MAKS Group is ready to undertake the required purchasing functions of a company, as well as all the possible related risks. You just need to decide what to purchase and what the purchasing volume should be while you may rely on us to source the supplier and the conditions.

    Our company will find the goods you need, sign a contract, control the contract / order fulfilment, arrange the delivery and warehousing, if needed.

    Companies of the non-state sector have been showing their interest in using tender procedures for purchasing recently. The trend can be explained, for instance, by the fact that the customer may save from 5 % to 15 % on average due to correct purchasing processes using tenders. According to the Russian consulting companies, the number of engagements of consulting companies by non-state companies for purchasing regulation and tender organisation is growing considerably.

    The ultimate objective of purchasing must be the company’s profit growth. While our mission is to focus on sourcing the materials, services and procurement sources to satisfy your needs the best way with the lowest expenses and proper quality.

Our Capabilities

We provide our clients with the opportunity to purchase from the catalogues of the European and leading Russian manufacturers the goods of which meet our understanding of the high quality and modern design.

We sign direct contracts with the manufacturers without any intermediaries and we get the best prices due to the large scale of our business. We guarantee the minimal lead time of your individual orders.

Your office room is the heart of the company. Emphasize your individuality with a unique design developed specially for you. Select the elite Italian furniture, designer porcelain items, fabrics and lamps from our catalogues, consult our designers and artists to make your work place exclusive and elegant.

MAKS Group renders the purchasing of the entire range of required goods. Do not worry about availability of detergents, printer cartridges or coffee. You just need to make your choice and MAKS Group will take care of the rest.

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